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Sooo..l’ve been taking my Ayurvedic herbs for a week now and I have to say..;.. These things taste terrible! I have to mix them with Aloe juice ( IF you’ve ever had the pleasure, you’d know that it tastes like  demon spit) and that doesn’t help things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I HATE this, but it’s difficult to not gag after taking them, which is unpleasant. All that being said, I feel really good recently.


Mentally, I feel like I have enough energy to properly deal with things. Physically, I feel like I can actually go out and do things. Since starting all of this, I have done yoga, hiking, jogging, playing at the park, and kettlebell workouts. I’m pleased with this. Another great side effect – I am starting to have a little more self-love. This has been hard for me for a long time, not hating my body just because it is larger than I would like. I am not pleased with it, but I love it, for supporting me, keeping me healthy and alive, allowing me to birth my baby boy.

As far as the wake up goes, I was doing 4:30am for a week and I felt even more tired during that week, so last week I started waking up at 6am instead. That started to creep into don’t-wanna-get-up-ville, and I wasn’t able to get a workout in, so now I’ve started waking up at 5:30 to get a kettlebell workout in. 

I’m also going to start incorporating juicing into my diet again – I remember how good I felt when I was juicing, and I know the nutritional benefit of including the incredible amount of nutrients that juice provides into my diet, so I am planning on having at least one juice a day, preferably for breakfast. Breakfast is interesting. Especially for Kapha gals like me, breakfast is an afterthought. I can go hours after waking up without a breakfast… so juice will be an easy way to get my breakfast in without much difficulty. 

So there it is – how I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. Oh, and I’m currently 264…. which is less than I was when I started this journey, but way more than I want.

Ayurveda Routines


It’s been a while since I have reported what’s been going on. 

A lot has happened.

1. My family may be making some BIG (great!) changes in the near future, but there’s no official word yet, so don’t go spreading any rumors. The waiting game is not my favorite thing to do, and that’s been stressing me out.
2. We have been trying to cope with a very sick family member. She actually wound up passing a few days ago. It’s been stressful.
3. I have left my Doula collective… for personal reasons.
4. I went to see a spirit guide healer. I thought it might be a bit of phooey, but ever since I went to her, I don’t really hate myself anymore. So, there’s that.
5. I have been seeing some Ayurvedic practitioners to learn all that I can about how I can heal myself with diet, exercise, meditatio yoga and routine. 

Which brings me to the point of this post – my new morning routine. Back in the day (5 years ago) when I was healthy and felt great about myself, my husband and I used to wake up each morning and do the same routine. It’s actually fairly similar to this one that I’m starting, so I’m really excited to start it:


– Wake up, 4:30am. (Sounds like a doozey! But for Kaphas, my ayurvedic constitution, this is the best time to wake up… AND it’s the same time that my husband and I would wake up, come to think of it.)
– Rinse your face and eyes with cold water, rubbing your eyelids and rotating your eyes in all directions
– Scrape your tongue and rinse with water
– Drink hot lemon water
– Brush teeth
– Abhyanga. This is an oil massage all over your body, done lovingly and for kaphas, quite vigorously.
– Yoga – before you wash off your oil, Sun salutations for about 30 minutes (also something that I used to do with Zach)
– Shower, washing only with gentle cleansers (chickpea flour works well for this, apparently!)
– Breakfast 

Can’t wait! I’ll let you know how things go!

Back At It


So, I made the post about my discipline failing me and falling off the wagon for a few days. I have been doing a lot better in holding onto my self control for the last couple of days. It’s amazing how much better you feel (self-esteem wise) after having one good day where you didn’t do anything to feel ashamed of. It’s hard to live in a society that puts so much emphasis on the link between eating and body size. Often, it’s not that simple and in a lot of cases, it just adds an element of shame to a person when they have eaten something they “shouldn’t” have. I hope that my daughters grow up never associating food with shame. It is a burden that can really torment one’s mind. 

So, my general outline for my diet has been mostly paleo style/high fat- low carb diet. It seems to be working well, although when we start to run out of food in the house and all we have is bread, it can be highly tempting. Quick protein is a must-have when dieting, otherwise hunger can really impact one’s decision-making capabilities.

The other big part of my diet is portion control. Since I stay home with my girls right now, it can be kind of boring. This led me to snacking  periodically throughout the day. I have eliminated snacks unless it is a handful of nuts when I am feeling hungry. My main meal is a solid dinner of meat and veggies. 

Anyway, I’m feeling better about myself now that I have re-dedicated my diet and I am committed to making this change. I am going to start weighing in on Sundays, so I’ll update you with my new weight in a few days!

If it tastes like tamale, and smells like tamales, but doesn’t LOOK like a tamale…


Then it’s this AWESOME soup that I made tonight. I highly recommend this recipe. I added some cumin to it at it tastes *exactly* the way I wanted it to, especially on this cold Colorado day.



I had my first ever personal training session today – the gal kicked my butt and now I feel like my legs are  made of jello (runny jello..) But it feels good. It also completely makes sense that I should be focusing on building my muscle mass up rather than working furiously on cardio. The more muscle mass I have on my body, the more that I will be burning at any given point in time. I’ll be doing my cardio outside of the gym and strengh/resistance training inside of it.

Here’s to a delicious and healthy day!

Take a hike!


Ingesting solid food is way more challenging than I remember. There’s something to a juice fast that is easy and keeps you full.. and you feel good. Eating the same foods, in their whole state, somehow makes me more hungry. Is it that there are more nutrients in juices? Is it the act of chewing that makes it this way?

Either way, I have been eating solids for two days now. Vegan, gluten free diet. It’s not difficult, I just wish it were easier. Tonight we made Dr Furhman’s Eat To Live Sloppy Joes. They tasted alright…. but I think it would be a stretch to say that they tasted like sloppy joes. Sweet potato fries and I supplemented with a green juice. It was fine.

I was just looking back through photos of myself when I was at my healthiest. I want them to be motivating, but they’re more depressing than anything because right next to the photos of me at 140lbs are the ones of me NOT at 140 lbs.


Oh well! Hopefully someday I’ll look like this again…

Nolan and I took a 3 mile hike today, which isn’t a huge hike, but it felt really good. I hope to make this into a habit. I want to find other places to hike and enjoy the outdoors with my son! If any of you are in the Denver area, let me know which are your favorite trails!


That didn’t take long


I had decided to take one day off a week so I could indulge in some sinfully delicious treats. It was a bad idea not to pick the day in advance. One day turned into three and my diet kind of failed. So, I am starting  anew because Robin and I are in it together. I must give it my all! So, here we go again. 




I made it 6 days. That’s alright, right? I initially wanted to do a 3 day fast,  but today my tongue had had enough. The flavors of the juice were not working for me anymore and my body was feeling very tired, even when I fed it. 

6 day fast – 8 lbs lost. That’s pretty alright. 

Now I go to a vegan diet. I’m thinking I will still incorporate juices into my day, but I would love the option to chew my food from now on. 

Btw, I broke my fast with this pretty awesome recipe –  Except I used spinach and artichoke pasta and topped it with fresh diced Roma tomatoes. Delicious!